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We have more than 30 years experience crafting outdoor and survival tools.

We have hundreds of fire pistons in the field and they have stood up to the test of time. Buy from someone that has the experience and a design that is field tested.


Below you will see a list of things that set our fire pistons apart from the rest:


(1.)Our fire pistons have a brass barrel that has been braised shut...not just a sleeve that depends on the wood or glue for a seal. Other fire piston makers just drill a hole in the wood for the barrel, these depend on the wood to hold the high pressures generated by fire pistons. Our pistons will fire even if all the wood was removed!


2.) Our fire pistons come with two different sets o-rings. The first will allow the fire piston to close easily without the aid of a string or other object to create a leak . This is due to my unique pressure relief design that allows you to fully close our fire pistons. Other fire pistons must use a string to break the seal or must be carried in two pieces. The second set of o-rings I provide will create a 100% tight seal that makes it a great training ais when you first learn to use a fire piston.


3.) Our fire pistons have a solid brass shaft. Not wood or plastic shaft that can be broken or be affected by the elements, and certainly not a two pc. shaft that has the weakness of a joint between to unlike materials. Our shaft also has a tinder griper at the end. not just a hole that is difficult to remove the coal.


4.) We polish the inside of our brass barrel and polish the o-ring seat on the brass shaft to assure a tight seal and friction free fit.


5.) The finish on our pistons is a friction polish of our own formula that is especially designed for outdoor products. The finish is impregnated into the wood with friction and heat and will never wear off or peel.


These are just some of the things that set us apart from others. Compare these features to others, You'll see that our fire pistons are of the highest quality at very reasonable price!